Craig Roberts

Craig Roberts


Craig Roberts, CPA, CMA, MBA

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, ConstructConnect 

Craig Roberts leads the Canadian marketing, digital, and business development teams at ConstructConnect, a leading provider of construction information and technology solutions in North America. An industry “veteran” at the age of 44, Craig has led high performing digital product, marketing, sales engineering, and business development teams back to 1999, working both the U.S. and Canadian markets. Craig led the efforts on behalf of ConstructConnect (formerly CMD Group) collaborating with construction associations, resulting in unique and enduring strategic alliances across Canada. For six years, Craig was an independent Director on the Board of International Barrier Technologies Inc. (IBTGF, IBH), a publicly traded building product manufacturer listed in the U.S. and Canada.

Craig earned a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environment Sciences from Queen’s University at Kingston and has graduate degrees from Queen’s University and Cornell University. In 2007 Craig became a Certified Professional Accountant through CMA-BC (now CPA BC). Craig is a member of the Vancouver Board of Trade and lives with his wife and two daughters in Vancouver.